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Situm MRM: efficient management for security companies

Situm MRM indoor geolocation improves the dynamics of security companies. Controlling indoor spaces is the basis of their work, a simple task that involves observing everything that happens inside your customer’s building, performing prevention and maintenance work, anticipating dangerous situations and, if they occur, ensuring a quick and effective response.

Situm MRM: security management through geolocation

The key is to keep everything under control. However, there are thousands of small issues to monitor: from routine preventive work or staff distribution to staff mobilisation for handling emergencies. And they must all be carried out transparently for the customer and in a way that stands out from the competition.

At Situm we know the difficulty of managing this sector first hand, and to streamline and improve its activity, we have developed Situm MRM, the solution that simplifies all these tasks thanks to its indoor monitoring system.

This technology is the result of many years of work on geolocation and is constantly evolving to respond to new challenges. Today we have the backing of leading security companies worldwide, which has allowed us to understand the specific challenges they face and offer robust technology adapted to the precise needs of this sector.

First challenge: a simple and reliable system from the first step

Situm MRM facilitates security work from the start. We know that any security tool must be simple in its implementation and use, as well as adaptable to the needs of any customer. With this in mind, we have developed a system that does not require any type of installation since its geolocation is based on smartphones, meaning the initial investment is minimal. In less than a month the system is ready to work.

In addition, it requires no hardware equipment or maintenance work and can be adapted to the needs of any space (industry, shopping centres, offices, hospitals, events…).

It is a tool that does not require prior staff training. Through a single screen, the control centre manages the protected area, while the deployed staff uses an application that is easy to understand and operate. It is very intuitive because the employees are familiar with the use of other GPS systems in their daily lives.

Our system is robust, versatile and reliable. The geolocation is based on different information sources: signals from different sensors available in the building (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and motion sensors from smartphones (accelerometer, gyro, or compass).

On the other hand, the system continues to geolocate the position, even if there is no reception, during surveillance shifts in parking lots or basements, for example. All the data from this activity are stored and, when the signal is recovered, our technology retrieves a detailed report of the work carried out in that environment.

Second challenge: what can Situm MRM technology do for a security company?

We are sure that to improve the security service, it is often not necessary to increase the number of staff, but rather to rationalise and make the most of those that are already available. This is the purpose of our solution: to improve performance with existing resources. In general, this platform achieves a dual function:

– It allows the identification and monitoring of security staff with an accuracy of a few metres. This results in the effective management of the most routine tasks to ensure a safe environment via the notification of location-based tasks.

The real-time localisation of the specific point where all security staff is located is performed in a very simple and efficient way for the user. In addition, the security guards and maintenance and cleaning staff receive automatic notifications of the tasks that must be performed on approaching the strategic points. These alarms speed up and record the most common tasks to ensure an optimal work process.

– Fast and effective response in case of emergency. On a single screen, it is possible to have total control of the monitored area, which drastically minimises the response time and any staff redistribution.

The security officers can activate the panic button or the man down alert and the rapid identification of the emergency situation and its location means it can be resolved in the minimum time with maximum guarantees.

Third challenge: to design a tool that stands out

Situm MRM is not only a location system, but it is also a smart geolocation platform that keeps a daily record of all activities. From the data collected, statistics and reports are prepared in which the entire daily work, the routes followed, the incidents throughout the day, the response times or heat maps are recorded. This information enables a subsequent analysis that allows the security guidelines to be readjusted, if necessary, and any possible loss of effectiveness to be eliminated. All this affects not only the agility of the internal processes but also becomes a transparency tool for the customer since the activity will be recorded and they will be able to access all the reports on the work or interventions performed.

But it also helps them stand out significantly from the competition. According to a study recently conducted by the DBK Sector Observatory, the private security market is expected to show a slight slowdown in the medium term. Specifically, the 2019 financial year is expected to close with an increase of 4.4% compared to 6% the previous year. In this sense, Situm MRM becomes a perfect ally to gain efficiency without needing new investments, and a strong argument when contacting new customers.

Experience shows that the benefits of our technology reach all parts of the security service chain; undoubtedly, the company that provides the service, optimising their daily work, but also their customers thanks to the transparency and rigour of the Situm MRM reports. Finally, the improvements reach the actual users of the space who notice the improvements in security in their environment. Indeed, in many cases, the best technology is that which goes unnoticed, but which improves the work and life of its users. 

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